An application that facilitates trading online, from buying selling of stocks, mutual funds or other investment options to viewing analyst recomendations or market trends.

The information architecture & wireframes

The ethnographic research for a user who trades daily,  gave us insights about what is important for them at what point of time. These insights were merged with CashCow’s business goals and an information architecture was sketched. A detailed set of wireframe was sketched keeping in mind the IOS guidelines and was tested with various users for the flow.


All the information regarding the trending stocks, most bought, sold, my watch-list and the subscribed analyst recomendations appear in this section.


All the calls by subscribed and unsubscribed analysts appear under this section along with their complete profiles


All the information regarding the holdings in my DEMAT account appear under this section.


All the information regarding todays net positions, orders and status comes under this section.

User Interactions

Lazy load

Drop down drawer

Nested screens

Swipe controlers

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